About Us

Law for World is a full-service law firm with offices in Ankara, Istanbul and partnering with many others across all Turkey and some European countries and Australia, which provides a wide range of legal services and consultancy to international businesses, employees, corporations, governments, and investors.

The firm’s services include high quality legal consultancy with International Commerce and Business Law, Real Estate and Construction Law, Energy Law, Contract Law, International Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and many other legal matters. We guide our clients through difficult issues, bringing our deep insight and pure judgment to each situation.

Our tailor-made approaches create original solutions to our clients’ most complicated domestic and multi-jurisdictional deals and disputes. Our employees keep all kinds of information and documents belonging to our clients within the scope of confidentiality obligation. In all kinds of disputes and lawsuits, potential risks and possibilities are explained to the clients, and the consent of the clients is also obtained. Our offices work with other national and international law firms and experts in their fields in order to provide the best quality services to the clients.

We are pleased and proud of helping our clients get ultimate solutions to their specific cases in a professional and timely manner.